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The Company - Quality Management

The Quality System is a tool for the development, improvement and further growth of the company at national and international level and enjoys the full support of management when it comes to providing resources / means for its effective implementation and improvement.


The main principles governing the quality policy as articulated in the Quality Assurance System applied by PHAEDRA are:


  • The provision of services and the sale of products in accordance with the requirements of our associates, at a competitive cost.
  • Staff selection based on their experience, technical skills, education & training, and willingness to contribute to the company’s vision.
  • Keeping the equipment in excellent condition and seeing to its regular maintenance / repair / upgrade in order to meet current methods and technologies.
  • Using materials that are environmentally friendly and of the appropriate quality so that repairs and maintenance works can meet the qualitative requirements of our associates.
  • Regular information on national and international competition, mainly as regards the level of quality.
  • Compliance with laws and regulations applicable in the areas in which the company is active.
  • The company’s reputation to become an assurance of the reliability of its services and product quality.



In order to achieve these, a Quality Management System has been documented and is implemented by PHAEDRA in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2000 requirements, which includes all activities impacting on the quality of products and our relationship with associates.


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