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The Company - Vision - Mission - Target



In adopting political, economic, social and technological changes that are occurring around us, our vision is to contribute to improving the quality of life by concentrating our efforts on innovation and the ongoing improvement of the services and products we provide to our business associates.




Our mission is to provide high quality services that meet the needs of our customers by providing ongoing support and responding immediately to changing market requirements.





The objective set by management is to expend PHAEDRA by continually improving the performance and effectiveness of the company’s structure, focusing on new profitable areas and designing and developing one stop services for customers.



PHAEDRA is one of the 80 selected companies approved to set up an industrial plant at the industrial area of Schisto. With its extensive expertise and long experience, PHAEDRA contributes to both the development of the Greek shipbuilding / repairs zone by participating in the Industrialists Register (Bureau Veritas certification) and the cottage industry recovery under the best growth conditions.


Having already realised its main goals (Completion of the Phaedra Industrial plant at the Schisto Industrial Park in Piraeus (VIPA), creation of a waste temporary storage and sorting out area for Electrical and Electronic Equipment and setting up the Phaedra exhibition venue and establishing the company Phaedra&Associates General Partnership), the priorities of the company are:



Ongoing investment in Research & Development.

Development of human resources.


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